How to fix a dead Solo Unlimited x Loaded Remote

Solo (and also Cruiser and Race) boards from Unlimited x Loaded are great ESk8 but their remote do not have the same level of robustness as those of Flipsky or other (Flipsky remote, for example are covered with rubber, making them more protected). If you have the bad habit to let your Solo board remote fell on the ground, like me (especially if you forgot to attach the wrist strap. like me again), the Solo remote might become dead. Really, really dead. So dead that you will have to push (old fashioned) to get back home.

May be your remote is definitely broken, or maybe not: in fact, some connectors inside the remote are not shockproof and can simply easily disconnect under chock. And if it is the battery connector… bad new, your remote screen is now black.

Solution? Open the remote, reconnect, and save money. Opening the Solo remote is easy: unscrew the three screws on the side, then with a flat screwdriver gently separate the two sides of the remote case by inserting it between the two parts of the plastic shell, near the acceleration and breaking trigger. You will see what is in the picture below (and the remote guaranty is void at the same time) :

This little white connector plugin near the usb connect the remote electronic circuit to the battery. It is the one that is usually unplugged after a shock and causes a dead remote. Replug it, and your remote should be fixed. If it is not, you will probably have to buy a new one (99 USD, here). And next time, to this new one, attach your wrist strap …