The electric skateboard test lab

Welcome to the Fullskate Lab! What we want to do here is to provide to our readers a permanent comparative test of the electric skateboards we got in the garage, and of the ones that will fall into our hands (yes it happens).

We usually buy the boards and the products (wheels, motors, decks, trucks …) that we test and compare. We have no sponsors, we do not need money, we just want to have fun and be part of the ESK8 movement. We are ok to be loaned some boards for tests but we want to be completely free from vendors. We can include sometimes a sponsored link to the product we speak about to help you to find it and collect a small percentage if you buy it. This does not influence our review, and we will use the money to buy new products to test! We do not hesitate in fact to promote skateboards we love even when there is no sponsorship program available by the vendor.

Mr E.

We test multiple aspects of the electric skateboards: their maximum speed, torque, autonomy, quality, price. To evaluate those components, we ride the board in some of the wonderful places we have in MTL : a true Formula One Circuit, and one of the nicest cycle lane network in Canada.

Board NameBrandBattWattsVoltsAhSpeedRangeTorqueQualityPriceCostCommentsTest date
SoloLoaded x Unlimited?90362.537 Kph11 Km4 nm8/104/10949$Baseline board08/2020
The WaspFullskate12S2P25944.4654 Kph43.2 Km6 nm7/108/10780$FlipsKy components09/2020
All the boards tested by the Fullskate Lab

Some of our test rules to get our measures:

  • All the riding tests are conducted with no winds and positive temperatures (yes we are in MTL …)
  • Speed and torque are measured with a GPS
  • The range is measured on a closed-circuit, flat road, at 20 kph
  • The reference cost is the catalog one, the day we bought the skateboard (if we buy the board at sale price, we do not consider it a reference price)
  • Quality and price rating (from 0 to 10) are purely personals views: a 10/10 for price means the esk8 is perfectly priced, a 0 means this is a robbery. Same for the quality rating.

Knowing this, reading the web graphs is easy: the more painted surface you have the most the board is valuable and performing. Simple as this.

The electric boards of the lab

Bellow, we list the boards we currently have in the lab. We uses all thoses as platforms for our test.

Solo Loaded x Unlimited

We bought this board at a very good price during a sale occurring in summer of 2020: the Solo Complete version is priced at 949 USD (we paid 874 USD). For the amount we paid, it was fairly priced: this board is equipped state of the art with Paris Trucks, a removable battery, direct-drive motors (easier to jump and tricks) wonderful quality of deck, Orangatang Kegel wheels and bushings. We checked nearly all the announced specifications: we found 36 kph max speed (Loaded claim 23 mph/37 kph), went 11 km with one battery load at 20 kph. We love this little board. Sure, for the same price, you can have a DIY with a double range and over 40 kph maximum speed. But for those who want to begin with something nice and be able both to skate, tricks, and carry it on buses, it is the best. We truly believe this board it is the beginner to have in 2020, and that’s why we called it our baseline : this is our reference board to compare with all the others!

Find it here

The Wasp – Flipsky

We call it the Wasp, well, you know why … This is the first board we built and we used only Flipsky mechanicals and electrical components. We wanted to see what can we get under 800 USD (deck include). This single motor board push : 3200 watts, served by a 12 S and a 6.6 VESC cand reach 53 kph. But at this speed, it is truly frightening and unstable, mostly because of the standard bushes installed on the Flipsky trucks. But what a board, what a torque, and it is incredibly comfortable to ride. We know that a single motor setup doesn’t climb, even with Kegel soft 85 cm wheels. But we also know that it is fun to go highspeed downhill. We currently finish our full review and construction guide and will publish it soon.

Find the Flipsky components here