About us

We are a team of enthusiastic users of skateboards (electric or not). We do many job (we work in various industries from finance industry to communication), and our common passion is skateboard with a specific interest in electric skateboarding.

How we get what we test ?

If we want to test something, we buy it (so nobody can escape our test !). We can ask for a rebate in exchange of a link, but that all. But we are also ok to test something that is sent to us (see bellow). In both case, we write and film what we think about the product, without complacency. Nobody can pay a blog post or a video.

Can you test my product ?

Yes. We are happy to test any product: you can give it to us, lend it to us (and we will send it back to you). We are ok with anything related to skateboarding. You can’t know what will happen with your product : basically we are positive people and we want to use our space to recomand stuff, not to said bad things about something we dont like. But we write for our readers …

Write to shirley (shirley -@- fullskate.com ) and explain her what you would like us to test or experiment.

Can I use your pictures ?

Everything we have on this website, in our youtube or @insta channels is original and made by us (if not we have paid for it). We are ok if you want to re-use one of our visual content if you credit us along with the content, with a link to our website. That’s it. Easy but mandatory. You can credit us this way (on digital or paper content):

Photo by www.fullskate.com)

You can have a look here for best practices for attribution. We are ok with this Creative Commons License for our photographic content.

If you don’t want to credit us this way, please contact us.

Can I use and reproduce freely your texts and posts ?

No : all our textual content is copyrighted, If you want to use it in your support, please contact us.